Best Practices and Case Studies

Four mobile best practices:

  1. Build ads in HTML5 to ensure they show up on every device, and provide an engaging and interactive user experience.
  2. Design ads with device in mind:
    • Use appropriate interaction modes for your ads (touch, tilt, shake for mobile devices vs. mouse click for desktop.)
    • Incorporate location-based information for mobile devices based on GPS data.
    • Take advantage of call or texting functionality on phones as a way to drive engagement from your ads.
  3. Design for both mobile web and mobile applications: Successful ad formats take different shapes for mobile web placements vs. in-app placements.
    • There are customizable in-app formats available on the gallery to help you get started with these builds.
    • Are you a publisher, and want to confirm that DoubleClick in-app formats will render properly on your app? Get certified today
  4. Keep broadband speeds in mind when using mobile video: Broadband and wifi speeds differ drastically based on the location and device that a person is using. Make sure that your mobile video ads have multiple video file sizes, and serve smaller files sizes to slower connections, so that the videos don't have to buffer.

Mobile Case studies


Talk Talk increases reach and lowers CPA with DoubleClick and Google Web Designer.

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T-Mobile uses HTML5 ads and fresh thinking to reach the world’s mobile users.

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Bask Digital Media drives rapid response advertising with HTML5 tools in DoubleClick Studio Layouts

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Mobile Tutorial videos

Additional Resources

HTML5 starter file

HTML5 Starter Templates

Select from hundreds of existing templates and sample code. Use filters to find formats and features you need and use these templates as a starting point for your next creative build. Browse it here.


Core Studio HTML5 Certification

Distinguishes developers as highly skilled in creating innovative and high-performing Rich Media ads. Our HTML5 focused exam will help demonstrate your skills.

Find out more here.

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer Certification

Distinguishes developers as highly skilled in creating innovative and high-performing HTML5 ads using the Google Web Designer tool. Get startedhere.

Tech Lab

HTML5 TechLab solutions

Google's Tech Lab, is a project created by Google's Creative Specialists to develop new innovations and push the boundaries of digital advertising. Check it out!


Flash to HTML5 converter

HTML5 fallback version for all eligible Flash creatives uploaded to the platform, so that they can be served to browsers not supporting Flash. A Flash extension (and an online tool) called Swiffy is also available. find out more!

HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks

A resource for developers looking to put HTML5 to use today, HTML5 Rocks includes information on specific features and when to use them, covered through many articles and step-by-step guides.

Help Center

Help Center

Our help center is the best place for general DoubleClick Studio and DoubleClick Rich Media support documents.